Plan Faster • Easier • Better

Begins with a Plan

For Plnify’s rebranding we chose to depart from rigid concepts associated with angular fonts and uppercase letters present in previous logo, that while conveying masculine authority and seriousness, no longer communicate the evolution of the product nor its intended market positioning.

Every detail has been meticulously analyzed and their incorporation in the final design constitutes a deliberate approach to portray not only the brand’s core values but that of its community of users.

Perceptual characteristics:

San Serif
Medium weight
Curved forms
*All of these choices communicate readability via screens or digital mediums, innovation and inclusiveness.

Direct psychological associations:

– Flowing data
– Speed
– Ease of use
– Engaging
– Friendly
– Technological
– Modern
– Relevant
– Collaborative
– Dynamic



Inspired by the bold and flirty aesthetics of the new packaging design, we created a website that carries this fresh new messaging into an interactive space. The new colors, incorporated from the product labels, were balanced with white spaces and foliage imagery to create a clean and naturally exotic shopping experience that make it easy for customers to browse and shop the hair care line.

After careful study of the brand’s needs, we moved with Shopify as the e-commerce platform of choice as it is Belleaf’s goal to continue growing in the coming years. The client requested the site’s functionality to be flexible and user-friendly enough to be able to update themselves, but also scalable to accommodate for traffic in the near future. The end result feels modern and aesthetically pleasant with rich visuals, emphasizing a brand designed to stand out.