Flavor startswith great ingredients

For the creation of Flavor Fusion Fest’s brand, we focused on capturing an adventurous soul in search of new experiences: be it culinary, sonic, social or cultural, through an iconography and typography that psychologically evoke creativity, dynamism and security though their curved vertical lines.

Every detail has been meticulously analyzed and its incorporation into the logo design constitutes a conscious effort to project not only the brand’s values, but also those of the audience that will attend.

Noticeable Features:

San Serif
Capital letters
Bold weight
Curved shapes
*All of these choices communicate authority and readability in print and digital media.

Direct psychological associations:

– Food (abstract shape, fork)
– Drink (abstract shape, bottle silhouette)
– Scale / equalization (abstract shape volume bars)
– City (abstract shape, skyline / buildings silhouette)
– Modern
– Established
– Dynamic
– Relevant
– Creative
– Elegant

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